Pleasure Corner (pokephiles: デイティーグ)

Pleasure Corner

Ask me anything! :D    Hello everyone!
This is my get-away-place from normal everyday life where I can be the furry I am !
I'm 19 years pansexual male~ Also, at times I can be very emotional, so yeeaaahhh.... I can be weird at times.. Still ! Come talk to me, ask me stuff, message, what ever~ :3

My fursona is a purple/dark blue wolf. Everyone usually call me Wolfy, yet the real name is Danio. :3
I will be posting aaalllllll kinds of furry~ Straight, Bisexual, Gay, Trans, Herm,~! Allll and everything! Come, sit, and enjoy ;)

All the pictures I post does NOT belong to me, and I don't take any credit for them.

Ask me Anything!
Enjoy ! :)

PS. Additionally, for non-sexual side... I am a hobbyist writer and stuff~ if you like poetry, ask away! Also for some readings ~


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